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Southern New England and the Tri-States Leading Independent Firm

Specializing in Probate, Estate Tax, Beneficiary Distribution, Residential and Corporate Inventory,
Insurance, and Charitable Contribution Appraisals in 
Fine Art, Antiques, Firearms, Silver, Modernism, Decorative Accessories, and Residential Contents
USPAP Compliant ~ ISA Accredited Member ~ Qualified IRS Appraisals


Regularly Providing Our Services to
Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Florida


We provide estate appraisals for probate, estate taxation, estate planning, and family equitable division. Our estate appraisals are based upon Fair Market Values and comply with the standards and guidelines put forth by USPAP, The Appraisal Standards Board by The Appraisal Foundation, and the Internal Revenue Service.



Based upon a full Retail Replacement Value (“the amount it would cost to replace an item with one of similar and like quality purchased in the most appropriate marketplace within a limited amount of time") In order to protect your property from loss by fire, theft, and damage an insurance appraisal is necessary. Our appraisal will provide your insurance carrier with a full and accurate catalogue description and photographs of your personal property. This facilitates claim settlements by providing detailed inventories and itemized replacement costs.


When donating property that exceeds $5,000, it is required by the Internal Revenue Service to submit a professional appraisal summary with your tax return. We will prepare a precise and comprehensive report that will ensure that you, as the donor, will receive a full tax deduction from the IRS.

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Confidential purchases for individuals and corporations, whether it is an individual piece or you would like to build an entire collection, we will help you realize your vision and guide you through the process.

Selling individual pieces or an entire collection can be stressful, we are available to impartially advise on every step of the process.

Our wealth of connections from over 27 years of experience will ensure you the best negotiations to enhance or downsize your collection


We can assist individuals and companies of all sizes in managing, building, and selling their collections of art, decorative accessories, jewelry, and collectibles.

For inventory and management we will prepare a detailed catalogued inventory with photographs of each item to organize and manage your collection.

If you would like to build or sell your collection our contacts at many of the top galleries and auction houses can make this process easy and confidential

Video Conference


In today's world many people are opting for virtual inspections. Depending on the value and amount of items you have we are happy to discuss if this would be of benefit to you.

Do you need a certified expert to walk through your home or an estate you are handling to confirm that you're not disposing of something you shouldn't be? Don't make the mistake of throwing out a $200,000.00 painting, (yes this actually happened to a client, and Nadeau's Appraisals saved it from the trash pile!)


Besides growing up immersed in the antiques and arts world, Ms. Nadeau started her professional career in 1996 with Nadeau's Auction Gallery, leaving as Vice President, when she founded Nadeau’s Appraisals in 2014. She is an Accredited member of The International Society of Appraisers (ISA), a member of The American Society of Appraisers (ASA), and The Appraisers Alliance of New England (AANE). She is USPAP compliant and regularly provides appraisals for Estate Taxation, Probate, Planning; Corporate and Personal Inventory; Beneficiary Distribution; Donation; and Insurance.

Ms. Nadeau has access to dozens of specialist so that when the need arises you are ensured you are receiving the most accurate information and valuations


Don't Take Our Word for It

Heather, this looks great.  It is very impressive to get this all done so well and so quickly.  Thank you!

Attorney Chadwick

Wonderful staff, very helpful. I needed an appraisal for a piece of art that was handed down to me from my grandparents and Nadeau's did a wonderful job so I was able to get the art added to my home owners insurance policy. Highly recommend!


Best of the best right here! Top notch professional service!



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Conveniently located in CT, half way between Boston and New York


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