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How We Work

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The appraisal process can be quite long, but the finished product you’ll receive will be of the highest quality. Clients who decide to work with Nadeau's Appraisals and Art Advisory receive easy to digest appraisal reports that they can consult many years down the line. With an appraisal by us, you won’t need a second opinion.

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Nadeau's Appraisals and Art Advisory will provide you with a complete dossier, including the research and observations used to create your final appraisal and the justification for the final valuation. If you don’t understand what a specific value represents or you’re unsure what a word means in your appraisal report, all you have to do is ask! It is in our interest that you fully understand all the work we do.

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We’re meticulous and believe that extra value tends to be in the small and often overlooked details. In the Art Appraisal Agency industry, the smallest errors can have the biggest repercussions, and usually that takes the form of less cash for clients. The appraisal team members at Nadeau's Appraisals and Art Advisory are highly trained to pick up on, and fix these common errors.

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